Beautiful Aussie Convert to Islam Story

Beautiful Aussie Convert to Islam Story. A powerful story from an Australian Muslim and how she reverted to Islam. Researching world religions and her conversion, this Australian shares finding her passion of being a Muslim. She dives into her powerful personal spiritual journey that leads her into a professional career of advocating for the religiously diverseContinue reading “Beautiful Aussie Convert to Islam Story”

Three People to Stay Away From

It is reported that ʿAlī b. ʾAbī Ṭālib – Allāh be pleased with him – said: Do not be with the sinner (fājir), for he will beautify to you the things he does, and he will want you to be like him; and he will beautify to you the worst of his practices; and hisContinue reading “Three People to Stay Away From”

Muslim Adulting 101: Tips And Tricks For Every Young (And Not So Young) Muslim Adult